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1911 vs beretta m9 battle of the service guns img beretta m9 vs 1911 which classic sidearm to get if a person wanted to get a classic service. Credo proprio che quando tornerete da noi le novit si noteranno e per una volta non intendo i nuovi arrivi abbiamo cambiato la disposizione di praticamente. Here is a nice old 70 series colt that we resurrected for one of our good customers this one we did a general overhaul of the pistol added serrations to the rear of. The 1911 colt 45 pistol is likely the most well known side arm in the world undoubtedly in the united states originally developed in the 1890s it is still the. The m1911 org forums site a discussion board for all you ever wanted to know about the m1911 1911 1911a1 m 1911 pistol designed by the most ingenious gunsmith.